Love for tourism since 1901

The Hotel Floridiana was founded at the beginning of the last century by an ancestor of the Balestrieri family who chose a magnificent isolated site, without buildings. Here, over the centuries, a luxuriant vegetation composed of vineyards and pine forests has found its place a few steps from the sea. Soon the idea found many followers and, in the area around the hotel, luxurious villas and shops were built giving life to the famous Corso Vittoria Colonna, the elegant center of the island, just 80 meters from the splendid beach.

Over the years, the Hotel has been chosen as a holiday resort by aristocrats, politicians, intellectuals and artists from all over the world and has also been the set for many Italian and foreign films.

The wellness center, the thermal pools with whirlpools, the Kneipp path and the outdoor eudermic shower, will make your holiday a wonderful experience.

The Hotel Floridiana is still run by the Balestrieri family, always careful to guarantee its guests a peaceful and pleasant stay.

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